Our goal is to achieve equitable treatment for women's college sports

Title IX prohibits sex discrimination in education, including in athletics. But 52 years after the law was passed, only 19% of all colleges – and only 13% of NCAA schools – provide women with the opportunities to play, athletic scholarships, and fair treatment that the law requires. This has a huge impact on who can afford to go to college and who gets a chance to play sports, which in turn, impacts lifelong health, earnings, and career success.

The lack of equity impacts a lot of people. Over 200,000 more athletes would have the opportunity to play college sports each year if women received an equitable share of spots on teams. There would be millions more spent on athletic scholarships, recruitment, promotion, and all areas of support for women’s sports. Check out the Gender Equity Dashboard to see how any college is treating women athletes.

two female field hockey players going after the ball

Asian woman tennis player hitting ball over net

Transparency is a game changer

One reason we still have these inequities is that most people are unaware of them. Until now, there has been far too little visibility into how colleges treat women’s sports. Accelerate Equity is changing that. We make the data that schools report easy to understand and share. We make it easy to see which colleges treat women athletes fairly and are living up to the promise of Title IX – and which could do better. See how Accelerate Equity started and learn about our vision for change.

You can promote equity

We can’t continue to leave fair treatment for women college athletes to the government to fix. You can create change and we have some ideas for how you can promote equity.